October 2013: Majakaneng Outreach – “Bible and Bracelet” Collection Drive

In keeping with Pastor Martin’s vision for Majakaneng Village, we arrived this October to bring education and to better understand our kids needs.  We try to teach the simple lessons of health, hygiene, and the gospel while also meeting nutritional and physical needs.   With prayer and persistence, we can start winning the battle to protect and nurture the future generation of Majakaneng.

Sharon took each group and gave lessons to each group—every day.  I took the vulnerable ones… the ones whose ‘guardians’ are their oldest sibling… and asked them about their situations and their needs… provided them with counseling, and visited where they live…

5Drive pic1
Sharon brought with her over 1600 ‘redemption’ bracelets made by volunteers in Indiana. Every lesson Sharon gave was based on these bracelets. They are memory tools for the plan of Redemption:

  • Black bead =     sin; the bad things we do
  • Red bead =         forgiveness;  Jesus’ shed blood that covers our sin
  • White bead =     we are cleansed from all our sin
  • Green bead =    growing in our new spiritual life
  • Yellow bead =    our glorious future in heaven with Jesus

5Drive pic2
The kids wore these bracelets every day for their lessons 😎
5Drive pic3
Some bracelets even got a little nibble… or is that a kiss??


5Drive pic4
For me, I was off to work with our orphans without guardians, and those who are raising their siblings.

Our little girls are so vulnerable to enticing words and the promises of predators. I met with our 15 year old girl who was recently sold to a man for $5.  She couldn’t bring herself to speak about her rape, but wrote me a letter.  By God’s grace, she is not pregnant, but we are waiting for a 2nd HIV testing to be done in November.


5Drive pic5

Here are some of our boys, waiting to walk me to their homes…
5Drive pic6

What can I say… my heart breaks.
5Drive pic7

One of our kids lives with this grandpa, this is their kitchen…


5Drive pic8
On Thursday, our last day, we gave each child… 1500 children… a Children’s Bible in their own language, Tswana.   Thank you all for making this possible…THEY were so excited.


5Drive pic9
Many started to read it right away.   I started writing a note in some of the books and ended up in a pile of kids with their books in my face—everyone wanted a special note in their book. It was pretty sweet, but heart breaking as I think of the kids back in the USA, who have everything and where a little note inside their book would mean very little to them.  To these kids, it seemed as if it was EVERYTHING.   My only regret is not being able so sign all 1500 of them.


5Drive pic10
Truly, these little guys light up your life!  Amongst all the horrible stories I heard, the fact that they can run around, hug, love and ‘just be kids’ is absolutely is astounding. The resilience of a young child’s heart is miraculous, oh… how we need to pray!

Feel the love!! ….. again, from the stories and from the looks of the homes I visited—to see these children so in need of love, breaks your heart.  This school, and its principal Eunice, are central to the lives and well-being of our kids… and it became crystal clear to me that they get very little support and guidance from their caretakers… where they exist at all.

I was also able to speak with a South African nurse who said there are less and less kids falling under the growth curve than there was a year ago.  This tells me our feeding program may be working!   She also said that because they are not supervised very well in their homes, the good health practices they learn at school are not nurtured. This is what breaks your heart. The health issues the nurses are finding and can be directly tied to a lack of supervision.  We need to seek out answers to such things!


5Drive pic11
The week was beyond miraculous… visiting with and helping to formulate a future plan for our kids.  Thank you all for your prayerful support, your love and resources through which God can turn evil into good!  We will follow where HE leads…



I was told last Sunday, that the bus to the church in Elandstrand had 70 extra little ones on it!  At least when our kids are with Flames Church, we know they will be fed another meal on Sunday, they will be able to dance, be loved and feel secure.


I just got a text from Pastor Alcy from Flames Church!!!!!  She had to hire another bus to transport the kids who are coming to the church at Elandstrand (the closest tent church near this village) .   Our Majakaneng Village kids are coming out of the woodwork to go to church.  Then she had to buy more food for them to eat after Sunday school!!!!!!! WOW!  WE need to start a project to buy a bus!!