May 2013: “Linus’ Blanket” Collection Drive

I started this drive with two challenges… I asked our worldwide contributors to make or send 150 blankets, and I challenged the youth of Flames Church to make the same number of blankets.  My challenges were met… and exceeded!

4Drive pic1
Pastor Tivane’s daughter got all the blankets ready for our party!!!!  We had over 300 blankets, scarves and hats to distribute!

4Drive pic2
BYRON, our special cheetah guest, arrived at our party —looking sooo majestic!!!  Love this kitty and he loves me… heehee.

4Drive pic3
NOW, for the party!!! WE had more kids than we thought we would have from the school.  The number of orphans in need continues to rise.  We needed another bus which is expensive; but wouldn’t you know… the day before someone from South Africa was led by the Lord to give me a big donation… way more than enough to cover the extra food, transportation… and we already had more than enough blankets!

4Drive pic4
IT took three truck loads to carry ALL the blankets to the Elandstrand Tent!   Flames Youth made 200 and I brought 150!

4Drive pic5
We had a performance by the youth of Flames: “Soldiers for Jesus”!   This is our ‘drama’ team… a homemade African band and dancing ‘soldiers’!

4Drive pic6
THE kids were so attentive!  They sang songs, watched the ‘Soldiers for Jesus’ dancing, and listened to an ex-convict tell them his story of life on the streets before his life was changed and now lives for Jesus…

4Drive pic7
Eating before…. the blanket distribution!  FOOOD!  Pap, meat and veggies! …. Food to fill Kings and Queens!

4Drive pic8
THE pile of blankets exceeded the stage space, the scarves and hats too….it was a miraculous provision!

4Drive pic9
Ouma Maria, Lorraine Vermeulen, and many of the Flames Church ladies and youth labored making 200 blankets for the kiddies, some kids that help make blankets are orphans themselves!

4Drive pic10
THE group of kiddies that are raising themselves, who have no living relatives, came thru the line first and boy, we gave them the GOODS!

4Drive pic11
Each child got a scarf, a hat, and big soft blanket!   AND a note of love, written by Linda Kuczynski in the USA

4Drive pic12
Their eyes lit up like Christmas Trees when handed such beautiful, hand crafted, and warm blankets! It is getting cold especially at night.  It is wonderful to know they are being warmed by your love…

4Drive pic14 4Drive pic13
Our kids were as happy as I have ever seen them!!

4Drive pic15
Here is one proud, young man going back to his village wearing his blessing of warmth!

4Drive pic16
This little angel took the love note that was on her precious gifts and decided to wear it! She pinned it to her dress…. She was so tickled that someone from across the big ocean loves her.

4Drive pic17
I had Jen make beautiful DIPLOMAS for every worker that helped with the party; some cut and assembled blankets, some cooked, and several pastors shepherded these sheep… our little lambs… our orphans..  I just had to take this picture as some of the ‘Go-go’s (the elder ladies) had never before gotten a certificate of such beauty before! They have gone their whole lives without a certificate proclaiming a job well done. Many told me they will hang it on their wall… framed in a place of prominence in their shacks… it broke my heart!  They were so proud to walk up and get it from us along with a gold necklace heart… an outward sign of their hearts of gold.

4Drive pic18
Thank you everyone!  Thank you sooo much everyone!!!  Thank you!!!  How can we tell you thank you enough?????