Christmas 2012: “Pillowcase Dresses and T-Shirts” Collection Drive

3Drive pic1

Ok…..are you ready???  My report starts off with this adorable little face leading the parade of pictures from the best Christmas ever…  (sorry some are not high quality, but I did my best… I must have been distracted by the cheetah – heehee!)

Thank you notes, written by some of the orphans say…”you are the best thing in our lives”… that means YOU, the Zoe For Kids supporters!!!!

3Drive pic2

The buses brought them by the hundreds… 250 excited children arrived… full of anticipation!!!!

3Drive pic3

They marched into our rented community hall and seated themselves so orderly as if the party depended on good behavior…I was pretty speechless….

3Drive pic4

Their faces glowed as the party started!!!  THEY had no idea what the day would hold… (but I did)… I was so overcome with that abundance of joy… the very joy that Jesus talks about!

3Drive pic5

We started with prayer for a blessed day, the kids sang a beautiful song together… a beautiful sound that can only come from Africa!

A local leader welcomed the orphans and gave a big THANK YOU you, to me… to all of us from all different parts of the world coming together to give these precious children a party they will never forget.

Let me tell you, it touched me as she told these children they have mommas and daddies from every part of the world…making them so extra special… and they are just that… so very special!!

3Drive pic7
After a short talk, a children’s choir sang, a child read a poem, some little one delivered a few jokes……and…. SOMEONE very, very,  very special arrived!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

3Drive pic8

We told the children they must be very, very, quiet because Mr. CHEETAH CLAWS needs quiet.  He thinks he needs everyone’s attention….He thinks he is very important 🙂 (of course, remember he is a cat!)

3Drive pic9

He took his throne…. Rita the handler gave a wonderful presentation as the children were soooo quiet you could hear the distant bird call sounds coming clear from Mozambique!

3Drive pic10

The children waited in line so very quietly to get their chance to pet our cheetah…you could hear a pin drop, and their eyes stopped blinking… either opened wide in fright or opened wide in disbelief and wonderment….

3Drive pic11

One by one they came up to pet this amazing stunning cat….they actually tiptoed!

3Drive pic12

He has been petted by over 100,000 children…..add, 250 more, plus the teachers and church leaders who helped make this day a success!!!!!   😎

3Drive pic13

When our cheetah heard some noise he stood to attention….

Our special children’s pastor, sister Rona was so amazed that on this day she could finally pet a real live cheetah!!!!!  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE cheetahs.  Seeing her pet this beautiful animal thrilled me inside…..I still have the smile on my face.

After everyone got to love on the cheetah….Flames Ministries’ drama team presented a Christmas play, while the leaders got the line of shirts, stuffed toys, cars, Christmas cards, jewelry, hair ribbons, and the pillow case dresses ready to custom fit every child’s dream!!!!!

3Drive pic14

Then Christmas began…..

3Drive pic153Drive pic16

2About pic5 2About pic4

First the boys were fitted for their graphic T-shirts…..

3Drive pic17

Probably these are the first stuffed toys to hug and love that they were ever given.  So sweet….some quickly put their treasures in their packs for safe keeping…..

3Drive pic183Drive pic19

….such innocent preciousness …..

3Drive pic20

2About pic22About pic3

Then….the girls were fitted…. all lined up in a queue….with eyes as big as the moon at all the bright colors spread across three tables!!!

3Drive pic213Drive pic22

One by one, more than enough for all!!!   Every girl, got her size!

3Drive pic23

Such excitement to see them light up like little Christmas trees.

This is what Christmas is all about — sharing the love of Jesus, restoring hope, giving life and sustenance, finding such joy in something so simple…  It was like the wise men bringing gifts from the heart of our King—to the orphaned, abandoned children that He so deeply loves. There is nothing closer and nowhere nearer to the stable than this….

Happy Birthday, Jesus!