Christmas Party 2011: ‘Backpacks and School Supplies’ Drive

2Drive pic1

Around June 2011, I challenged our collection drive participants to gather new backpacks and school supplies for our 300+ orphans… some do not have backpacks at all, others have ones that are threadbare.  And YOU came through!!!  Again, my garage was stuffed with goodies, again my trusty duffle bags made it to South Africa and through customs.  Thank you for your prayers!

2Drive pic2

Having arrived, we scheduled Thursday to be our day of preparations for the party!  We worked with the youth group of Flames Church filling backpacks, and making treat bags! This took all day, we finished in the dark!!! 400 backpacks filled to the brim AND enough school supplies to last the whole year! THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!!!

2Drive pic3

A small packet of treats went into each backpack!!!!

2Drive pic4

On to the school!!! It took a couple of trucks to carry all our supplies for the Christmas Party!

2Drive pic5

The children gathered together at Majakening school, awaiting our arrival…

2Drive pic6

They waited patiently!

2Drive pic7

First, a prayer was in order.   Pastor Bruce prayed over all the children.

2Drive pic8

WE lift our hands in praise to you, our Lord… LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME TO ME, Jesus said.

In the Word, God’s people are frequently commanded to take care of the orphans.  We want to be obedient.  We want to show His love!!!

2Drive pic9

HERE is our Flames Church, newly-formed, Drama Club!   Here are the actors, awaiting to go onstage!

2Drive pic10

The Christmas play was called “Ronnie Wilson’s Gift”.  Reaaaddyyyyyy…ACTION!!!

2Drive pic11

Poor Ronnie is trying to get his gift for Jesus up to heaven… praying… he then falls asleep…

2Drive pic12

Jesus then appears in a dream, after observing all of Ronnie’s ‘failed attempts’ to give Him a gift.  I mean, a LOT of attempts… trying to mail it, fly it, jump it to heaven.   Jesus comes to Ronnie and says, “You gave a gift to me, when you gave your gifts to others… In as so much as you did it to them, you did it unto me!” (Matthew 25:31-36)

2Drive pic13

THEN the party began! Here they are… wide eyed in anticipation… lining up to receive their backpacks……

2Drive pic14

Our dear sister, Lorraine, made over 400 cupcakes… and the kids got to frost and decorate their own cupcake!   Just like a real ‘down home’ Christmas!

2Drive pic15

Look at that dear quizzical expression… a look of… what one earth are those?  “Cup-whats”? …never heard of one before!

2Drive pic16

SUCH PRIDE! SUCH EXCITEMENT as new backpacks were placed on their backs!! It is soooooo nice to see smiles… smiles of hope, knowing that someone actually cares for them……

2Drive pic17

We helped each one get all suited up!

2Drive pic18

It was funny… the boys wanted the bright colors… I should have known that!  Oh, well, next time!

2Drive pic19

They went around in a circle and received all the goods, and then out to the playground area… not even wanting to go home…  AND it was the start of their Christmas break!

2Drive pic21

Let’s continue to help these dear little children! The party was over and he didn’t want to leave….

2Drive pic22

Pastor Bruce and two proud owners of new backpacks at the end of another successful Zoe For Kids collection drive!  We get the blessing of attending the party… but YOU our supporters are the ones who deserve all the congratulations!!! Thank you!