5 Beating Malnutrition

One of the top goals for Marchiano Ministries is to ensure that our orphans are regularly fed, both physically and spiritually.

The following is an excerpt from a recent Newsletter from Bruce Marchiano…

“…what has me most excited today is the photo you see here. Why? Because it represents a HUGE benchmark in our outreach to AIDS orphans in the villages surrounding Brits, South Africa. Early in the year we laid out a progressive plan for caring for these kids, and this photo means “mission accomplished” for this first goal – to end malnutrition among these orphans by year’s end. Or, as I like to phrase it, “No more bronzing or falling-out hair by year’s end.” Glory to Jesus!

I’m sure you can guess by now – what you see in this photo is food. A whole lot of food. 977 pounds to be exact. It’s being loaded on a ship as I type, bound for those precious kids. 6,000 servings! And it’s not only food, but it’s GREAT food! This is no humanitarian “gruel” – I’ve eaten it myself and I love it! It’s a rice/bean mix packed with nutrients and very filling. We’ll add in meat and veggies, and these kids will not only eat to the fill, but eat like they never imagined possible! Glory to Jesus!

THANK YOU, to the Midwest Food Bank in Peoria, IL (www.midwestfoodbank.org also www.tendermercies.com ) who not only created this nutritious mixture, but donated it – it didn’t cost us a dime! Huge kudos to board member, Sally Herman, who leads this effort, for this victory is the direct result of her hard work and persistence.”

– Marchiano Ministries Newsletter, June 23, 2012


The school chefs normally prepare a nice breakfast for all 1500 kids in the school.  In the past, this was the only meal that many of our orphans received.  On weekends and extended school breaks… they had no guaranteed source of food.

But starting in September 2012, the first food shipment arrived in Majakeneng Village.  Now that we have teamed up with Tender Mercies and shipments are arriving regularly, each of our 300+ orphans in this village school… in addition to breakfast… is now guaranteed an additional 2pm meal AND they are given packets of Tender Mercies to take home for the weekend and on breaks.

Bruce and Sally made the following astute observations during the meal provided at the Christmas Party 2012… early days for the daily feeding program:

5About pic3

“When the food came—everything stopped.  Never have I seen such heaping plates, licked clean by such tiny bodies!  Even Bruce commented how a different ‘feeling’ was in the air when the food arrived.  It was as if time stood still and all focus went on eating…  as much food as each could without getting sick.  It was said by some of the teachers that they rarely get ‘meat’.  And, we had pap, big chunks of stewed meat, vegetables,  juice and butterscotch pudding.  I got a weird feeling while they ate.  It was as if I dare not disturb any child who was busy eating-like their eyes lost all outsider focus.  That is the only way I feel  I can describe it.“

 By contrast, they made these joyful observations during a similar party held in May 2013:

5About pic4

“The biggest blessing was witnessing the affect our daily feeding program is having on the children.  After the festivities, our kids got to have another meal… just like at Christmas.  Food was piled high on plates that consisted of chunks of good meat, vegetables and pap… suitable for Kings and Queens!  But, at this point there was a notable ‘difference’   from the Christmas meal.  Bruce and I both noticed it.

There was not that desperate look when the food came out.  The children ate, talked and looked around while eating.  It wasn’t like in December…  where total concentration was on eating… putting food as quickly as they could into their growling tummies.  They were having fun eating and their eyes were bright!!  They were enjoying us and each other while eating.  In other words, eating wasn’t that BIG of a deal… it was no longer a matter of survival… it was a social experience and a joy!”

In October 2013, Sally had the opportunity to talk to one of the South African nurses.  What a joy to our ears, to hear that she is seeing less and less children in Majakeneng Village fall below the average growth curves for children their age!


You are making this possible!!!