November 2013: Emergency Food Supply

Dec 2013 Emergency Food pic0

Around the middle of November 2013, we were contacted by our dear friend, Principal Eunice.  Somehow, her primary school in Majakaneng Village will not be getting the government provided lunch from now until the summer break (Dec 4). This meal is so important to all 1500 students, because it sometimes is the only meal they get!  The hunger problem is not limited to just the 300 orphans we serve… poverty and hunger is widespread!

Anyway, Principal Eunice put out a plea for help, as the children have exams to take before summer break Dec 4th and they can’t be successful if they have no food!!  SO we located a food company with the help of one of our supportive South African allies, JACO… and have arranged to provide the kids with food for the rest of the school year! … All thanks to God and YOU!!!

I say this, because had we not had your resources in the bank, we could not have done this!!!!!!! So, WE thank you, GOD thanks you and all the little kiddies thank you! There will be 1500 full tummies until the summer break! Thank you soooo much for your help, everyone of you! We are so privileged to be here in …’such a time as this’..

It is such a joy to watch how God is building… brick by brick… such a strong relationship between Flames Church and Zoe For Kids… such a strong fortress to surround our orphans… to love, to protect, and to provide for His most vulnerable ones.

What a mighty God we serve!

Dec 2013 Emergency Food pic4

The vital and precious supplies were met by Principal Eunice and her group of ‘special helpers’.

Dec 2013 Emergency Food pic1

Each one had a job to do… the work of each one mattered!

Dec 2013 Emergency Food pic3

The back of the pickup was opened… and there were huge sacks of food… and everyone went to work.

Dec 2013 Emergency Food pic2

I can almost hear ‘Oliver’ singing… “Food…glorious food!”  Each precious sack was passed down the series of helping hands…

Dec 2013 Emergency Food pic5

Once the truck was unpacked, this ‘industrial load’ was placed on the hand trucks and taken to the kitchen… awaiting the loving touch of our cooks!

Again, to everyone who donates to Zoe For Kids… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Without your generosity, this emergency intervention would not have been possible!  You are personally and directly part of the solution to hunger in South Africa… at least in one poor village… at least in one very needy primary school!  May God richly bless you all!