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Zoe For Kids Collection Drive Reverse Timeline

Christmas 2014:“Talking StoryTellers” Donation Drive

Z4K w storytellers

Challenge: Provide each orphaned boy and girl with a StoryTeller talking toy that contains 15 hours of recorded Bible stories in Tswana, the heart language of our ZoeKid
Target:        Collect enough donations to purchase 200-300 StoryTellers
Status:         Currently in the planning stage for an early summer launch.

CURRENT DRIVE     Winter 2014:“WINTER PJ” Collection Drive

pj garage

Challenge: Provide each orphaned boy and girl with a set of winter pajamas to keep our precious ones warm and toasty through the winter.
Target:         350 sets of PJs/sweatsets/longjohns
Status:         As of March 9, we have just over 200 sets.

Christmas 2013:“Tigger’s Tops and Bottoms” Collection Drive

Dec 2013 Christmas24 Dec 2013 Christmas27

Challenge: Provide each orphaned boy and girl with a summer outfit… top and bottom
Blessings in Abundance:

  • 400+ completed outfit sets
  • 300 Toys
  • 300 Purses

Outcome: Our kids now have one or more clean, new outfits that they can wear all summer long!  You MUST go to the December 2012 Zoe News link and read about our “Away in a Manger” boy… actually not much more than a toddler… what an amazing, endearing little one!!!

Thank you for a beautiful year of 2013… YOU made it all possible… improved nourishment,  warmth of new blankets on cold winter nights, much needed summer clothing… all possible because of YOUR sacrifice, your faithfulness, your love, and your generosity! Thank you, thank you from our kids and from everyone at Zoe For Kids.  I love you all.

Link to Zoe News: December 2013 Zoe News, August 2013 Zoe News

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November 2013: Emergency Food Supply

Challenge: Principal Eunice issued a plea for help… the government could not provide food for the 1500 children between her plea and the summer break starting on Dec 4th.

Blessings in Abundance:
Because of the generosity of Zoe For Kids providers, we had money in the bank… and because of our well connected SA friends… we were able to quickly arrange with a distributor and get the needed food into Principal Eunice’s hands.

There will be 1500 tummies that are full, and 1500 minds that are sharper as they complete their final exams. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your generosity and prayers.

Link to Zoe News: November 2013 Zoe News


Drives Pic7

October 2013:“Bibles and Bracelets” Collection Drive

Challenge: Provide each orphaned boy and girl with a summer outfit… top and bottom

Blessings in Abundance:

  • 1600 ‘Redemption Plan’ bracelets made by some awesome volunteers in Indiana
  • 1500 Children’s bibles in their own language,Tswana

Our kids are so proud to have books of their very own and received the ‘bracelet message’ very well. Three weeks after we left our week in Majakaneng a text I received from Pastor Alcy reads like this:

Hi my dear sister. I love you. We are fine but it’s just a bit hectic from my side. The kids are coming in huge numbers to church and now the challenge is transport because I have to now add a bus and buy more bread. But praise God we manage to assist. I love you more, sister.

This overflow of desire to go to Sunday School is soooo rewarding! Now we need another bus and another church.

Link to Photo-journal: October 2013 Photojournal

Link to Zoe News: October 2013 Zoe News,

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May 2013:“Linus’ Blanket” Collection Drive

Challenge: Have Zoe worldwide supporters make or provide 150 blankets and challenge the youth group at Flames Ministries to make an additional 150 blankets using supporter donations to purchase supplies.

Blessings in Abundance:

  • 350 blankets (and many newly and highly skilled blanket makers at Flames Ministries)
  • 350 Scarves
  • 350 Hats
  • 300 Gloves

My biggest blessing was witnessing the affect our Daily Nutrition Project is having on the children.  After the festivities, our kids got to have another meal… just like at Christmas six or so months earlier. Food was again piled high on plates that consisted of chunks of good meat, vegetables and pap… suitable for Kings and Queens!

But, at this point there was a notable difference in the atmosphere from the Christmas meal. Bruce and I both noticed it.

There was not that desperate look when the food came out.  The children ate… but they also talked and looked around while eating.  It wasn’t like in December… where total concentration was on eating… putting food as quickly as they could into their growling tummies.  They were having fun eating, it was a social event, and their eyes were bright!!  They were enjoying us and each other while eating.

In other words, eating wasn’t that BIG of a deal… it was no longer a matter of survival… it was a social experience and a joy!

Link to Photo-journal: May 2013 Photojournal

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Christmas 2012: “Pillowcase Dresses and T-Shirts” Collection Drive

Challenge: Sew a pillowcase dress for every orphaned girl and provide a fun, graphic T-Shirt for every orphaned boy

Blessings in Abundance:

  • 300+ pillowcase dresses
  • 200 Graphic T-Shirts
  • 400 pieces of girls jewelry
  • 400 Hair accessories and ribbons
  • 300 Toy cars
  • 300 Stuffed animals
  • 300 Handwritten notes from Zoe contributors


Each little boy received a brand new T-Shirt, a toy car, a stuffed animal and a handwritten note from YOU

Each girl received a pillowcase dress ‘fitted’ just right for her in every way! They hugged on their stuffed animals; started to put on new jewelry, tie their hair in new ribbons and read their cards. They glowed!

 “When the food came—everything stopped.  Never have I seen such heaping plates, licked clean by such tiny bodies!  Even Bruce commented how the atmosphere in the room abruptly changed when the food arrived.  It was as if the world stood still… ALL focus was directed to eating… as much food as each could without getting sick.

It was said by some of the teachers that they rarely get ‘meat’, and we were serving pap, big chunks of stewed meat, vegetables, juice and butterscotch pudding.  I got a weird feeling while they ate. It was as if I dare not disturb any child who was busy eating… their eyes and their very lives were focused 100% on eating. That is the only way I feel I can describe it.  These were early days for our brand new Daily Nutrition Project.  Their intensity while eating told me how much our new program is needed; it broke my heart!“

Link to Photo-journal: Christmas 2012 Photojournal

Link to Zoe News:  December 2012 Zoe News

September 2012: Daily Nutrition Project Launched

The first bulk food delivery donated by Tender Mercies arrived in South Africa

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May 2012: “Socks” Collection Drive

Challenge: Supplement already collected winter gear with warm socks for all

Blessings in Abundance:

  • 3000+ pairs of socks
  • 760 winter hats
  • 134 Scarves
  • 238 Pairs of mittens
  • 65 Blankets

Outcome: Our orphans received 7 pairs of socks each, a hat, gloves, scarves, bracelets and a few treats to eat!

Drives Pic3

Christmas 2011: “Backpacks and School Supplies” Collection Drive

Challenge: provide each orphan with a new backpack stuffed with school supplies
Blessings in Abundance:

  • 400 backpacks
  • 400 sets of school supplies for a year
  • 400 bags of candy Christmas treats
  • 400 cupcakes

Outcome: The students walked around in an orderly circle, receiving all the supplies and goodies prepared for them. They then joyfully moved out to the playground area… not even wanting to go home and… it was the start of their Christmas school break! It is soooooo nice to see smiles!!!! smiles of hope, knowing that someone actually cares for them……

Link for Photo-journal: Christmas 2011 Photojournal


Drives Pic2

September 2011: “Covering the Basics” Collection Drive

Challenge: provide a 7 day supply of undies and other basic necessities to each of our 400 SA orphans

Blessings in Abundance:

  • 2,410 Pairs of undies
  • 50 Tshirts
  • 55 Pairs of socks
  • 50,000 children’s vitamins (5 mo supply for each child)
  • 1770 Toothbrushes—enough to teach the whole school dental hygiene!
  • 631 Tubes of toothpaste
  • 542 Children’s Bracelets
  • 180 Books for our teens on abstinence and for young kids on good touch
  • 24 Embroidered Christmas Shoes Jean Jackets for the leaders!


  • 760 Sock caps
  • 134 Scarves
  • 238 Pairs of mittens
  • 65 Blankets

Outcome: To our amazement we had enough for all 1400 students in the school to receive toothbrushes and toothpaste after an instruction on the importance of brushing your teeth! Then, our 400 orphans were let into a room 50 at a time and the leaders of Flames Ministry measured, sized, and gave every child 7-pairs of undies and their supply of vitamins!

Drives Pic1

Christmas 2010: “Christmas Shoes” Collection Drive

Challenge: because the children are growing through the toes of their shoes, provide new or gently used shoes for each of our 400 SA orphans

Blessings in Abundance:

  • Christmas Shoes Facebook page launched to organize supporters
  • 700+ pairs of shoes donated by supporters
  • Cash donations received to cover travel and crusade costs
  • 200 bags of candies collected
  • 150 “True Love Waits” books donated by Tyndale Publishing

Outcome: 400 beaming orphans one of whom said, “Sister Sally, Sister Sally… would you please tell the United States thank you for my new shoes.”

Link to Photo-journal: Christmas 2010 Photojournal