6 Our Dream… Zoe House

The Greek word for “life” is zoe…Scripture reveals that the source or fount of this abundant zoe life… is God the Father.  

Indeed, Jesus calls Him “the living [zao] Father” (John 6:57), indicating that zoe life is the very life that God has in Himself.  

Having life in Himself, the Father imparted this life to the Son: “For just as the Father has life in Himself, even so He gave to the Son also to have life in Himself” (John 5:26 NASV)

Zoe For Kids founder, Sally Herman, Pastors Martin and Alcy Tivane from Flames Christian Church, and Marchiano Ministries founder Bruce Marchiano  have a shared vision for establishing Zoe House… it would be a small “village” that the most destitute of these orphans would call “home”.  It is here that they will have four small homes set up to house 8-10 children along with a momma and assistant.  On the grounds, they will have a teacher, their own social worker and mentoring/ counseling services The target population for this home are the 40 or so children who have no guardians, no identity cards, and when school is not in session, they have no supervision or provision… they are totally abandoned and on their own.

Let us tell you a story.   It is the type of story, one of many, that motivates us… rather, compels us to prayerfully proceed with our plans.

In June of 2012, we were notified that South African Social Services had placed three brothers and a sister into foster care.  As with any governmental system, the foster care system is subject to fraud and abuse… where evil people are not interested in the children, just the government “grant” check that comes with saying you’ll take them in.  Well, June is the beginning of winter in South Africa.  These children were abandoned in the night to a hut that was without electricity or heat… but given a torch.  The hut caught fire, and all three brothers perished; only the sister survives.  This is one of many horror stories as these children are at risk of being placed in dangerous situations as there is not enough reliable foster care to cover the need.

These precious children need ‘family’— love, care, provision, direction … all the things that God desires for us to provide for them.   If God has moved your heart, won’t you join us?