3 Health and Safety Education

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Here we are at the village school which has become a refuge of safety for many orphans who are ‘prey’ to evil that would force them to use their bodies to bring food to the table of their families… children have been left raising children… older siblings raising the younger!

We offered them messages… started teaching about good touch/bad touch and gave them an outlet of safety in the school teachers and counselors and lovely principal. They have agreed to take on and combat the evil that surrounds the school and give the kids a place to report crimes against them.

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The sincerity of their hearts and innocence of their childhood bring you to tears! We are working against the evil that steals a child’s joy in this village and giving hope for a future for these children who have been left out from the mainstream of government aide.

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In September we spent the whole day at the school and here is the school gathered for prayer before we start our day!

This village primary school has over 120 orphans to HIV, crime and poor living conditions. We are working with the counselors and principal of the school to bring hope and provision to this forgotten village.

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We did physicals on almost 300 children. We detected pneumonia and malnutrition especially the little ones that have acquired the HIV virus from no fault of their own.


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We stand at loss when we see the needs of all these precious lives… we must, help


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Here, they so easily sing for us…


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Early morning assembly… they are so willing to learn from us! Please, Lord.. let this work continue. We can change a village, a neighborhood, a city,.. a nation! The younger ones are willing to rise up to change as death has moved their hearts to action. It has got to stop with them… we empower them to know that this evil of death can stop—with them, with their choices and willingness to fight for their lives!


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Counseling the teens is ongoing. I am a nurse and have conducted many classes on abstinence and STD’s… to the girls. They are all ears and really absorb this effort that someone has come alongside and heard their silent cry and cares… WE care, so can you!


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Sarah… attempting to make this little one smile. I tell you, getting these children to smile was a bit difficult… They needed to trust, first. Their innocence of being a child has been stolen. We want to restore joy, laughter and bring them a gift… shoes. Needed so desperately!

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We tried so hard to get a smile or two!


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Sharing the love of Jesus and empowering the youth to rise up…!

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We stand united with the counselors and teachers and mainly the principal for this school. This will be our shelter of safety and where we can work from…


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They did like to hear their own heartbeat… God has made them special, we told them over and over… and over again! They have been exploited and used, but we are here to support and love.


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Sarah was usually successful with a few stickers in hand! That usually brought smiles… they loved the stickers pasted to their foreheads.


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This young girl had been caught in with a local village lady who preys upon the young girls to use them as prostitutes. The young girls get ‘caught’ in this because they need money to feed their siblings. This girl escaped from that grip and returned to school. We then educated her on STD’s HIV, her dignity, her future and gave her hope. We took out the ‘big guns’ and showed her the most ugly professional photos that only a nurse would carry to show her all she had been spared. SHE has not acquired HIV, or any STD after being checked out at a clinic! God has a plan for her. We plan to help God by being the hands that hold her tight on the right road!