2 Children in Need – a Photojournal

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Two against the world… this older sister is raising her brother who is HIV+

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This young girl has the responsibility of raising her younger siblings.   To provide clothing and food for her young ‘family’, she is vulnerable to those who would entice her into doing things she otherwise would not do, including selling herself .  Not all predators in Africa walk on four feet!

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Here is another young ‘family’… two orphans against the world.  The older boy is raising his younger HIV+ brother.

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This dear child of God needs hope and a reason to smile.  His copper tinted hair is a result of malnutrition.

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One young girl was told by her uncle that it was time to start ‘working’ to feed her siblings… can you imagine? Can you imagine the burden… the dignity stolen… not to mention the risk of deadly disease?

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It’s hard to crack a smile out of most of our young orphans.  Their short lives have been so, so hard and packed with deprivation… they will never know the carefree innocence that most of us and our children have experienced in our youth.

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Many of these young ‘families’ are also faced with the health problems of one or more of them being HIV+.

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Two children… managing to survive… but in desperate need of our help and support… even in the basic essentials of life.

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Far too young to be dealing with what he has to face… alone.

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We are there to tell these wonderful children… they have hope… they are loved… they have a future, and we are there to help!

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When, they begin to trust… smiles begin to shine.

We want to continue building that trust and restorie the sound of the carefree laughter of children to this village.