Zoe For Kids seeks to be a family for a village of forgotten children in South Africa.

Living in the forgotten village of Majakeneng are many precious orphans.  Many of these orphans are not recognized by the government and remain undocumented due to the death of their parents after coming into South Africa.  Hence, these kids are one their own–without government aide.

In many cases, there are children without adult guardianship.  Literally, they are left as children raising children… older siblings raising the younger.  The environment they live in is rife with crime, sex predators, and poor living conditions.

Zoe for Kids has adopted the children of the Majakeneng village school.  We began our work small with collection drives to provide our children with basic needs (i.e. underwear, shoes, clothing, blankets, etc.), along with provision of health and safety education.  We began nursing care and counseling programs to the children who have been raped or forced to sell themselves for money.  We are teamed up with Tender Mercies for bulk food delivery.  Every orphan at this school is now guaranteed to have one hot meal a day and packets of Tender Mercies to take home for the weekend.

The work is not done.  For every growing child, basic needs are always changing and must be met. Emergencies and need for clinic visits are rampant.  The outdoor cauldrons used to prepare food for 1500 school kids need to be converted into a proper kitchen.  There also needs to be a small kitchen-type area where the 300 orphans we serve will be given an extra meal before leaving school.

A village church needs to be built to not only meet the spiritual hunger of these little ones, but to also provide a place for afterschool mentoring, assisting homework, counseling, and emergency health care.

Our long term vision to create Zoe House, which when built will be a supervised home for the most destitute orphans to provide an environment of love, care, hope and protection from the elements as well as from sexual predators.

Please join us in blessing these little ones!

Zoe For Kids is a Marchiano Ministry [501(c)(3)].

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