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Majakaneng Kitchen — First Fall Update

First There Were Footings…

When last we spoke… construction on the Majakaneng Kitchen had just begun. The footings were dug and poured. The first courses of brick had been laid.

Now, The Walls Have Begun to Rise…

In our first FALL KITCHEN UPDATE, the walls are rising… and rising, and so is our delight and thankfulness to the Lord and to you, His faithful servants.

Brick by brick…

… windows are miraculously appearing…

We are still facing a $13,000 shortfall, but we are sure that the Lord will come through.

The “First Diners” Arrive!

Ahhh, to see life through the eyes of a child… through the eyes of faith. What you and I see is hard packed earth, but to our ever hopeful children, they see a luxurious dining room.

They gather up their plates of food…

                 and march off to the NEW dining room, VIVIDLY seen in there blessed little hearts…

                         to feast upon their gourmet meal!

I can’t wait to hear the squeals of joy the first time they can eat in this same place with floors, walls, a roof, tables and chairs!

(Oooo, look at those little legs!)

It’s Sooo Inspirational… Even for the Adults!

Even the adults are getting excited by the progress… it’s an amazing thing to see a vacant lot being transformed into a real building of Hope. The building process is so inspiring that Pastor Alcy is now dreaming of building a church in Majakaneng Village. This village is a spiritual battlefield… the enemy has strong footholds here with spiritism, demons, witchcraft, voodoo, and other cultic practices. The spiritual war for the souls of our orphans rages, but Yehovah Nissi (God our Banner) ALREADY has the victory.

Without your prayers… without the faithfulness and blessed grace of your giving, these children would not be fed, and we would not be building a protected area for our cooks to work their culinary skills, and our children to feast like the prince and princesses of the Kingdom that they are.

Our long held dreams for our kids are at last manifesting themselves… Please continue in prayer for civil peace while we build, control over expenses, and funding to cover this project.  I love you all sooo much!  –Sally