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A Very Merry Un-birthday tooooo YOUUUUU! To Me??

We are off to visit our precious South African angels again!


Our visit will be from April 13-22 and will be a “team event” once again… SIX of us are going to minister to our orphans.


Or…  if you are familiar with ‘Alice in Wonderland’, perhaps it should be named a BIG UN-BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT… because we will be celebrating EVERYONES birthday on that day!


At the UnBirthday Party… each little one will receive an outfit that YOU so generously donated at the end of last year.



we will be holding youth services with FLAMES from Thursday (13th) until Resurrection Sunday (16th)— all day, each day.  What an opportunity this will be to bond with our kids, and teach them about Jesus, forgiveness, true love, and salvation.

I will also be giving a message called ‘Color Me Brave’ to the youth of our Majakaneng school. I will distribute workbooks to each dear one, and teach them about how to build healthy relationships and how to recognize abuse.


we will head for Oukasie to reach out to the unsaved youth that tend to aimlessly wander in that poverty stricken area. We are preparing plastic eggs filled with candy and Bible verses – after hiding them, we will supervise as the kids as they hunt for these Bible-filled treasures. Pray that the Spirit will direct the right kid to the exact meaningful verse each child needs to hear at that moment! While the candy will be sweet on their tongues for a moment, may the verses we select be a sweet savor in their hearts forever.


we will have a big meeting for the Oukasie youth… Pastor Kenny and Pastor Kurt will speak to their hearts and call them to salvation… call them to abundant, meaningful life through Jesus. Pray that the Spirit will prepare these young hearts to hear the Gospel, and pray that the Spirit will fill the mouths of our two faithful pastors with the words He wants these children to hear and absorb.


…we will be taking another select group of children to the therapy riding school for two days of socialization, spiritual, and emotional healing.

In my “spare time”, I will be working on getting an agreement that will allow us to start building the new kitchen!!!




… for traveling mercies

… for the health of all

… for safety and good weather

… for the Spirit to go before us and prepare hearts to receive His message

… for God’s will to be done in each heart

… for peace dealing with a full and crazy schedule

… that God’s Word will put down deep roots in the hearts of ALL who hear it

… that our kitchen project will be well received and finally be launched

 AND, LAST BUT NOT LEAST… that we collect enough pictures and stories so that YOU can feel like you were there with us… for it is only through your generosity and obedience to the Lord that we can bless these wee ones with love, the news of salvation, clothes, food, moments of extreme joy, and again LOVE… your love.