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Kitchen Update… a lesson in SA project management, and patience!!!

I know we have been talking about our KITCHEN project for a VERY…  VERY…       VERY long time.


There is something I had only heard about, but now I have experienced it… when it comes to getting projects done, there is ‘American Time’ and ‘African Time’ and they are nowhere near equal. It is TRUE that most things in Africa take MUCH longer than we are used to expecting. This is not a value judgment; it is just a fact… and a factor when planning a big project in South Africa. I must confess, it has taught me A LOT about patience…

I have now three proposed kitchen plans and we are actively looking to choose a project manager!  In September, I visited a brick factory. I then reviewed a few of the kitchen project quotes with the principal of our Majakaneng village school—Eunice.

Dec 2013 Emergency Food pic4

Principal Eunice is very excited to see this the progressing we are beginning to make, and so are we!

When God allows… our cooks will be replacing their outdoor wood fires….

 Kitchen Thumbnail (2)


… with stoves and ovens in a big, modern INDOOR kitchen! 

Our children will no longer eat in shifts in three or four different classroom, but will gather in one big dining room to eat… and bond together… and encourage each other… and do group activities together… and listen to Pastor Hendrick together!

hendrick-11-2016 nutrition-update

Thanks to all of you faithful ZFK supporters who have donated, I have money in the bank waiting to be build this kitchen! As the project progresses, we may be forced to exceed our current budget… but we will labor to be good stewards of your donations and deliver the blessing YOUR kitchen will bring!

I am so excited… but we still need LOTS of prayer for our kitchen project!

Loving Father, You are sovereign over all things, even the projects and plans of men. We place our plans for a kitchen at Majakaneng village school in Your hands. We ask that You would bless our desire to serve the orphans in this school. We choose You to be the Senior Manager of this project. We choose You to select the plans, hire the right personnel, arrange for the delivery and assembly of all the building materials and appliances, keep it on budget – or expand Your funding for it, and we trust that You will set the project schedule to bring the kitchen project to fruition– not in American-Time or in African-Time, but in YOUR-time! Our trust is in YOU alone, because YOU alone are Able. We ask this by the authority of the great name of Jesus of Nazareth, Who had mercy on those gathered to hear Him… and He fed them all. Amen

I want to thank you ALL for being part of this project!!  I will share the plans with you as soon as I find a sharable format! I love you all sooo much!