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Praise God for Answered Prayer!

I have a prayer of thanksgiving to share with you, our precious ZoeForKids supporters! For years, we have been praying that God would provide a pastor who could commit to visiting our 300+ kids regularly and feeding their spiritual needs.  So I would like to share… that GOD HAS ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS!!!  PRAISE AND GLORY TO JESUS!!!!!!!!


Our tri-yearly outreaches have been great. During our visits, God has enabled us to bless them with… clothing, blankets, school supplies, personal hygiene…items of basic need; and Bible stories, players and speakers to teach them about God’s love for them.  But these kids… like all kids… need constant, regular ministry of the Word of God.

It is my delight to share with you that the Heavenly Army of our God has landed “boots on the ground” in this battlefield for the souls and lives of our Zoe kids.  As I write to you, there is now a team of dedicated South Africans who are devoted bringing the Gospel to them to our kids WEEKLY and caring for their spiritual needs!


Our team leader is Pastor Hendrick!  He is a beloved, local South African pastor who has a deep heart and calling to serve the youth of SA. He and his team currently minister in MANY poor schools, and now… our Majakaneng Village school is an official stop on his weekly route. Pastor Hendrick is excited to be given this trust and is already busy at it.
Here’s how it works…

Through our ZFK nutrition program, classroom by classroom, our kids are fed a second meal at the end of each school day. Pastor Hendrick goes to each room during this time, sharing the Lord, sharing the Word, and praying with them. He reports there was one child with vision problems and as he prayed for him, all the others began coming for prayer and the ministry was amazing. He has asked nothing from us… because IT IS GOD WHO HAS CALLED HIM to serve these kids… like the Apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 9, he is compelled to preach and share the love of Jesus to see these little lives eternally changed.

As I have shared with you, many times, our dear wee orphans are surrounded by evil and live on a very violent spiritual battlefield.  They are too often the victims of evil… Spiritism/Satanism, spiritual oppression, greed, theft, assault, sexual abuse and slavery, physical deprivation, death… the list of evil perpetrated against them just goes on and on.  The Apostle Peter told us in his first letter, “Be clear-minded and alert. Your opponent, the devil, is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”

There were times, over the last few years, when my faith began to wane and I thought that our service would be limited to just regularly providing for our kids physical needs. But then I would remember the founding vision of Pastor Martin Tivane, who loved these children so much but who was called Home to be with Jesus. Pastor Martin would always say, ‘We must continue to press through disappointments and challenges, and the day of victory will come’. The enemy is always at work trying in so many ways to destroy these little lives… these young souls—but we must press through to see them rescued in the name of Jesus!

I thank God for YOU, our faithful ZFK supporters.  The blessing that has been rained on our orphans, ‘Spiritual Special Forces, Team Hendrick’, is because of YOUR faithful prayers and generosity.  God has sent His ‘re-enforcements’ to this spiritual battlefield.  I invite you to join me in covering Pastor Hendrick and his team in prayer.

Loving Heavenly Father, You are our Provider, our Protector!  You are our God who sees our needs, hears the cries of Your children, and Who answers our prayers beyond what we can ask or dream!  We praise You!  We thank You for Pastor Hendrick and his team of volunteers.  We thank You that You have called them to serve on the same battlefield on which we have also been called serve.  Speak through them Your words of Life to the children of Majakaneng Village and all the other children they serve.  May many young souls be saved and freed from the bondage of sin and evil.  Bless their efforts each day to the Glory of Your Great Name!  Protect all who serve and all those young souls who are served from temptation and from evil.  Protect each one with the Whole Armor of God.  Give Your people, the old and the young, great victory on the spiritual battlefields of South Africa.  Push back the enemy, and let Your people flourish in the newness and abundance of life that only YOU can give.  We thank You for calling us to Your service through ZoeForKids… through the power of Your Spirit, may we be faithful and always seek You and Your will for those who minister and for these vulnerable young orphans… may You remind us daily to cover them in prayer… Precious Lord, shelter them all in the shadows and under the feathers of Your wings.  Brood over these young ones until they can fledge, and soar like eagles in Your Power.  In faith… because You are Faithful… and You are Able… we ask these things by the authority of the name of Jesus of Nazareth, our Savior, our Lord, and our soon coming victorious King. Amen

Give praise to the Lord ALWAYS!!!


An update from Pastor Hendrick…

We were at the school this morning. We ministered God’s Word and laid hands… praying over all the children.  We also prayed for all the teachers in the staff room after