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JANUARY 2017: Dress and T-shirt Drives starts TODAY- Giving Tuesday

I know, it’s been a while! I’ve been being pulled in many directions… but… I’M BACK!!!!


Many of you, our beloved and faithful ZoeForKids supporters, have been asking… WHEN IS YOUR NEXT DRIVE FOR OUR ORPHANS? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO BLESS THEM WITH THIS TIME?

I now have the exciting announcement you have all been waiting for…

On November 29, 2016… GIVING TUESDAY… we launched our January 2017 ‘Christmas’ Drive which we are calling: “LuLaRoe Goes to South Africa”


My sister and I are joining forces to purchase and deliver Mae dresses and Sloan Shirts AT COST for 300 of our wee ones—our dear orphaned children in South Africa!

Here is what they look like:

mae-dress sloan-shirts

So if you would like to bless our kids this ‘Christmas’, please consider making a donation to fund the purchase of this clothing.

As you have faithfully done in the past, if the Lord leads you to donate to this cause, just click on the DONATE selection above. On that page you will find instructions to securely donate online, or how to direct your checks. We ask that if you send a check that you would write ZFK/LuLaRoe in the note section.

Check out LuLaRoe at (

Oh, and one more update on our kids— they are getting regularly fed in more ways than one!


Due to your generosity through the Lord. They are physically being fed through our daily nutrition program and their health has improved by leaps and bounds! And they are being fed SPIRITUALLY by the new visitations by Pastor Hendrick from a local SA Church.

Our “babies”, from the small to the tall… are ALL being blessed and are flourishing. Blessed be the name of the Lord! And I thank Him every day for YOU!