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And now a word from Pastor Alcy…

Pastor Alcy

I just wanted to share with you this BIG THANK YOU for our October Celebration that we received from Pastor Alcy…

We would like to extent our gratitude to the Marchiano team and all the sponsors that are giving towards the work of God in South Africa. 

It is because of your generosity that disadvantaged and orphaned children are fed, clothed, and are also equipped for learning.

Our hearts are deeply touched by your commitment and in the way that you reach out to us.  

The teachings that you shared with our South African young people will help guide them into making the right choices in their lives.

Thank you,

Pastor Alcy Tivane

We at ZoeForKids would like to thank Pastor Alcy for all the hospitality shown to us on our visit.  We count it an honor to serve these needy children to the glory of God, along side the wonderful saints in Flames Ministries.

Thank you, Pastor Alcy, for allowing us to participate in the great work that God is doing through your missions in South Africa!!!