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Seventh of our EXCITING reports from our SA Visit!

Hello from Sharon!

October 2015!  This was my 40th trip to South Africa since my first one, in May 2003.

SharonIt was a week full of many kinds of ministry, as you have read in the reports from all my teammates,…

…but for me the most exciting part was to see the street ministry in Oukasie.

Our VERY FIRST  ‘kiddies crusade’ took place in Oukasie in December 2003…  and throughout the years, we’ve done lots of street ministry there.  BUT, on recent visits, we seldom did any work with the kids there. It has been a prayer of mine to see our team do some real work with the kiddies in Oukasie again!

I was OVERJOYED when our plans came together on this visit to have an after school activity time for the Oukasie kiddies as they walked home.  During our activity time… and the message from Pastor Kenny we had more than 700 KIDDIES… all having fun… and hearing the gospel.

Thanks for your prayers!

We praise Jesus for what He did during the week!!!