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Fifth of our EXCITING reports from our SA Visit!

Hello from Kenny Cole!


What a TRIP!!!!  I don’t know that I had any expectations of what our mission trip to South Africa would look like, but I was fully confident that the Lord had His plan for each moment, and He did!

Kenny ColeHe let me see the hearts of so many people.  People He loves so much and cares for… in ways I could never care for them.  Our trip included a huge variety, from working with multiple age groups to getting accustom to traditions and culture that was different from mine.  Pastor Alcy and the Flames Church have a huge heart for people to come to Christ and express that through many ministries, including feeding children.  I was blessed by their intentional, genuine love expressed through the multiple ways they served others.

The young adults and teens that saw Alison’s Choice were full of questions and had a hunger to learn more of God’s plan… as well as wanting to be disciple… and involved in our small discussion group. They were very transparent in our discussions.

The children we ministered to were hungry for food and attention. They were very good listeners to God’s Word, as we shared lessons with them.

I guess if I were forced to sum up what I learned of significance on our trip… it would be that we are much more alike than we are different. We ALL have the need to be loved… the desire to have someone pay attention and make us feel important and valuable… and we ALL need our Lord Jesus and the grace He extends to us each and every day.

Finally, our team was FANTASTIC!!!  Each member had their gifts and each was a willing servant to help with anything that was needed.

My wife Donna was great with music, working with the children, and speaking to the ladies as well as serving in multiple ways.

Sharon had so much good advice and experience that really helped prepare us daily. Her continued relationship with the people was obviously important to them.

Kurt, he is the most kind and considerate man I’ve met in a long time. He was so encouraging in words and actions… a living picture of Christ. He also has a great ability to interact with the kids, wonderful!

Patrick had a huge heart for capturing the moment through his pictures. He did struggle with illness but made our team so much better by being with us.

Sally, oh Sally… Her heart for this ministry is written all over her very being… so genuine and passionate… never an obstacle that can’t be overcome. She had the trip very organized and structured in a way that we could accomplish so many things. A true blessing!!

So many thoughts… so many possibilities. I thank Bruce for the opportunity to share in a piece of his world of ministry and appreciate his answer to the “call” God laid on his heart for South Africa.