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Fourth of our EXCITING reports from our SA Visit!

Heeeere’s SALLY!!!

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” Ephesians 3:20

I cannot put into words the mighty work that God has done in our October trip to South Africa!

It is hard to explain or pick out the “best moment of all”… for ALL the moments combined into a week of amazing outreach… each day just as good or better than the day before. We thought we would do something different and let each team member speak for themselves about how they thought our week with our orphans in Majakaneng went… time with Flames church …. and time spent in several villages and schools reaching those in need of some love…

But, first… the rundown..

On Friday,

we had our first outreach with our 260+ orphans from the Majakaneng school… where we have our daily feeding program.  All 260+ kids scampered onto the buses and came to the ‘tent church’ of Elandstrand.  There… thanks to all of you!!!… they gleefully received backpacks… filled with school supplies and personal cards; handmade dresses… with our love sewn in every stitch… and food… and the Good News of the gospel!







On Saturday,

we had an outreach for all of Flames youth and young adults… we showed Bruce’s brand new movie “Alison’s Choice” and then broke into discussion groups.  This was topped off with a scrumptious  meal and a message by Pastor Kenny. It was an amazing day, filled with  active participation by OVER 200 youth!


On Sunday,

we were privileged to meet with  all of the Flames Churches that gathered at a village church in Mabaloka. There, the messages that each team member gave were INCREDIBLE and so was the reception of the people who heard….


On Monday,

we went and prayed for the shut-in’s!  It was an all day event—traveling from one village to another… visiting shut-in’s… hearing their needs and praying with them….




On Tuesday

we had our FIRST ever… Ministry in the Park of Oukasie—one of the most crime riddled villages in the area.

We had our Flames youth and pastors with us who went to the streets to gather kids for our outreach… and they came back with OVER 700 CHILDREN!

We had games, music, Bible stories… and a powerful salvation message at the end for all of them!

All children received T-shirts–donated by YOU, our supporters!

It was one of the first times we had done this and our Lord was merciful… the need was great… and there was a great outpouring of love to all. One little one came back to me with a big hug and said, “Thank you for coming to us!” … Oh, how that touched my heart, a jewel of heaven, touched by love…

 On Wednesday,

we went to a high school that has been aggressively attacked by Satanists!

There we shared time and the gospel with the entire school.. Then, we went and had an outreach in a squatter camp where the poor and destitute came and heard the gospel and embraced the outpouring of love….


Our day ended Majakaneng school, spending time with our orphans…  we played games… shared Bible stories… sang songs.. .



… a few faces got painted… and kids were giggling all over the school yard!


That’s MY rundown… each team member will be sharing a bit from their own perspective! … So many stories to tell and how God brings individuals together at points of need can be shared, for sure…

Thank YOU… for all the love, prayers and support you have given… Thank YOU for everything you gave and letting us be your ambassadors.

Our kids in the feeding program are doing SOOO WELL!   Not one copper-topped head in our bunch! Nutrition needs are being met and we rejoice that we are able to bring that to these destitute children who have nothing! … Thank you for making our ministry possible!!! 

~~ Sally