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Third of our EXCITING reports from our SA Visit!

Hello Lorraine!

LorraineLorraine doing some face painting with our kids!

Hi Sally and ZoeForKids friends,

It’s such a blessing to see how God uses people to do His work for Him! I used to just drag along and watch how you do things… and just “sponge” everything you do, into my brain, for “one day”!

Having your team in our country [South Africa] is truly from Heaven! We are trying to carry on with the seeds that you plant every time you are here, and we are so blessed to see the fruits!

Last week, Saturday, we gathered a few kiddies and I told them I want to teach them a song. I started singing ‘Do you know my Jesus’, then, a few voices carried on…’Deep deep, down down…’

We saw kiddies with familiar T-shirts that were handed out by the team, and that brought tears to my eyes… In my mind I saw Sharon with hundreds of little kiddies gathered around her feet… listening to her stories… pressing forward to get a kiss… and getting thrown by a ‘sweetie’.

Then there was Sally with the teens… hanging on to every word… listening to her teachings and illustrations of God’s wonderful love… playing all kinds of games… even with the little babies ( I don’t know where she gets the energy from).

Pastor Kenny, when he speaks to the children and adults, they keep quiet and take every word in… such powerful messages…

And then sweet, dear Donna! She has this beautiful ‘heavenly instrument’! Every time she plays, and people hear it… EVERYBODY just starts to smile and sings along…it’s like a magic tool that makes people happy!

Patrick, dear Patrick… always so friendly, running around with his camera. I admire his energy, and then he also gives powerful messages!

Then Kurt… he has so much love inside his heart for the kiddies.   I wonder if the guy has a private life, because He just puts EVERYTHING into the kiddies…and when he starts laughing, the whole Brits community starts laughing… it’s just so contagious!

When these people team up and start working together, you can feel the Holy Spirit working through them! They don’t have to say much… everything just falls into His great plan!

I love you guys!!!