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Projects and Collection Drives for 2015

It is still early in the year, so I haven’t collected my thoughts on what we should do for our 2015 collection drives and projects.  (Who am I kidding, you all know how busy I have been globe trotting for little ones all over the world and getting my house back to pre-storm working order!!!)  But it’s time to get planning (almost) for our Zoe Kids.

Here is what we need to do this year….

1. “SA Winter” Collection Drive (for delivery in May):   Do you have any ideas???  Let’s hear them!  … some ZFK supporters have told me they are working on scarves and hats.

2. In 2015, we want to kick off our Majakaneng Kitchen Project for the school.  Please pray for us as we start planning, financing, and figuring out how we are going to bring this vision into a reality for our kids.  I especially need the Holy Spirit to show me how to get started and how to do this well.

3. For our “SA Summer” Collection Drive (for Christmas delivery) we have been blessed with a surprise gift for the girls in the schools in Majakaneng and Maboloka (see more below).  We still have to come up with ideas on what to do for the boys.

Let me introduce you to the, soon to be internationally famous and well-loved Cedarhome Seamstresses!!


Cedarhome Seamstress's

THESE beautiful, talented, and compassionate ladies are from Stanwood WA.  They attend the Cedarhome Baptist Church  and VOLUNTEERED to craft 300 beautiful dresses for our little ZFK gals… all to be distributed in October!!!   I am… all of ZFK is… so blessed by their surprise gift.   I didn’t even ask… God is at work through them and is providing for our wee girls in AMAZING ways!! 

Just look at those adorable dresses!!!  They bring tears to my eyes!  There are going to be many grateful little orphans in October… not only from our new school of orphans in Maboloka, who didn’t participate in our last dress drive, but also from those in Majakaneng who have grown out of… or worn out… their old dresses.  I can see the broad little smiles and the tears already!

Cedarhome Sewers (4)

Here is their fabric table… just waiting to be crafted… transformed… into 300 AMAZING  summer dresses for our ZFK young ladies.  It humbles me to know that they chose to do this out of their own passion for our kids and the leading of the Lord we serve!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I love you all!

Zoe For Kids supporters are the best!  You are all so full of the Lord’s compassion for ‘the least of these’… His vulnerable, orphaned children in South Africa.

I promise to get back to you soon with some firm plans for our collections and projects.  I love you all sooooo much!