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What I have learned from GOGOs… South African and Otherwise

When I went to South Africa this October… I wanted to personally share just how much I have learned in my spiritual life from the examples of mature Christian women!!!

Oh, how I thank our Father for the wisdom I have gained from the lives of these dearest of saints found all over the world… but ESPECIALLY MY DEAR GOGOs IN SOUTH AFRICA!  All these mature saints of God are SUCH A BLESSING to me… words can hardly express my gratitude!!!  They have taught me the wisdom of seeking out God’s will instead of my own… they have taught me to wait on the Lord for His Best instead of settling for my current longings… they have taught me that God’s true power is manifest when we are in the valley in grief, not on the mountaintop in joy… they have taught me that an effective Christian life is lived always looking upwards and outwards to satisfy the needs of others, and not inward to my own perceived deficiencies and transitory feelings.

Oh, how I love these women… how I love the eternal truths they have shown me… how I thank God every day for bring them AND you, our faithful ZoeForKids supporters, into my life!

Without Him I can do nothing… without you… your wisdom and your prayers… I would not have the supernatural level of strength and encouragement that I NEED to carry on with our work.

Thank You, Father!  Thank you, Gogos!  Thank you, ZoeForKids supporters!  Thank you all for the many and various ways you have blessed my life so together we can bless the hearts of soooo many others!