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Meet Pastor Alcy…

Many ZoeForKids supporters KNOW what a wonderful woman Pastor Alcy is… BUT have rarely seen pictures of her.

… Many have heard that she LOVES to sing and worship our Lord…  BUT few have heard her.

Our MULTI-TALENTED ZoeForKids Team was able to capture precious moments of Pastor Alcy singing and worshipping with our Gogo’s at their tribute event… actually 30 ‘precious moments’… I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!!

Sooo, meet Pastor Alcy… the blessed Pastor of Flames Christian Church… as she celebrates the lives of these grandmothers… these dear women who are not only strong pillars in this church but also in the Temple of our God.

How blessed is Flames Christian Church to have so many women and men that are soooo dedicated to our Lord, and sooo dedicated to each other… and the orphans of ZoeForKids?

God is so good!!!

Thank you, Lord for blessing us with this woman of God and her family!!!