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Life Lesson: Putting lives in order

Sharon Puterbaugh is key part of the volunteer staff at Marchiano Ministries.  In addition to her innumerable tasks…  including fund raising to make the film ‘Alison’s Choice’… she was a vital part of our recent ZoeForKids Team’s October visit to South Africa.   Sharon is a former teacher who has been visiting Africa for 11 years, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Sharon uses various teaching techniques…  In this short clip, I think you will smile, as I did, at her “crowd control” technique!!!  One… two… three… zip it… simple and IT WORKS!!!

She is known for using slight of hand techniques to intrigue and capture the attention of large crowds of students.  While calling what she is doing ‘magic tricks’, she is clear to explain to her audience that this is not the kind of ‘evil magic’ that they see in their culture (which is filled with shamans and spirit worship)… but rather a trick of the eye to make a point.

Join Sharon and the children of Maboloka as they learn and are AMAZED at how God can bring order to their lives…

PS.  Their reaction is so precious!!!