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Christmas 2014: Wildlife Bible StoryTellers Party Day 1

A few weeks ago, the ZoeForKids Christmas 2014 Team visited the children of Majakeneng Village.  What a celebration we had!!!

There was singing, dancing, the Gospel being shared, teaching, games, mass quantities of food and sweet delights… and oh, did I mention the Wildlife Bible StoryTellers that YOU PROVIDED?  Children LOVE stuffed animals, but these were special.  Each stuffed elephant, tiger and bear (OH, MY!) has a little “marsupial” pouch that contains a solar charged audio device with 12-15 hours of Bible Stories in both Tswana AND English preloaded… their new stuffed friends will not only teach them about the love of God, but English too.  But WAIT… there’s more… the pouch also contains a picture book that helps them visualize the Bible stories that are being told, AND they were given ear buds so that they can listen to their wee critter in private.

Join our party!   Share the joy… feel the warmth and happiness… AND KNOW THAT THE WORD OF LIFE is being received and heard by each little ear.  Below each broad smile… look at the death grip that each child has on their new ‘best friends’.  YOU provided the Word of God to these dear ones.  YOU provided them with hope and the good news of salvation.  YOU provided them with a friend to cuddle and comfort them…

Enjoy the party with us… it would not have been possible without you.  THANK YOU for allowing us to deliver YOUR gifts to these dear, sweet orphans.  Well done, you!!!