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Sooo, what is a gogo?

gogo: go’-go (noun) [South African English]

    Common usage:

When parents die of AIDS, surviving orphans often go to live with a “gogo,” the Zulu word for grandmother.

    Oxford definition:

           * a grandmother
           * the title for an older woman that is polite and shows affection
* .

    ZoeForKids definition:

          * humble, uncelebrated, elderly women who may look frail
          * ferocious prayer and praise warriors at the frontline of His Church
          * some of the strongest pillars in the temple of the Almighty God
* .

Before leaving on our recent trip to South Africa, we were determined to honor the service of these dearest of the saints of God!!!  What amazing women!!!  They serve our Lord in sooo many selfless ways… without hope… or desire of any recognition is this world.  Sooo, we called on our resident poet and HUGE ZoeForKids supporter, Pastor Brad Hering, from River of Life Community Church in WA.  He prayerfully composed the following poem to honor these women:

go go ladies of South Africa

 Dancing and praising wherever they go,

Joy spills over because of Who they know.

Wise warrior souls, forged by the King,

overcoming hardship as they worship and sing.

Beautifully weathered hands raised up in grace..

their closeness to Jesus is written on their face.

Their hugs melt away sorrow, their eyes heal up pain,

Their praises bless Jesus as they count all loss.. His gain..

” Boitshepo, Boitshepo, Boitshepo” Holy is His name!

They dance on clouds in heavenly places

and joy strengthens all of our faces.

Perhaps we’re entertaining angels as we honor them today,

or perhaps they’re a glimpse of heaven in God’s special way..

One thing for sure is, they’re God’s humble queens..

loving and serving in Ways not fully seen.

On wings of prayers from above, their lives are proof of His love.

Their faith in Jesus grows everyday… and if you hear their sweet singing,

this is what they say…

“Boitshepo, Boitshepo Boitshepo” is JESUS!

 ***Boitshepo- hoping this word means “Holy” in Tswana.

in Awe of His Love,

Pastor Brad Hering, River of Life Community Church

Camano Island, Washington, USA

 What an ABSOLUTE JOY it was to read this poem aloud (with Pastor Alcy’s translational help) to these dear ones… and see the joy in their faces.  Each gogo was given a copy of this poem in honor of their AWESOME and INVALUABLE service to their church community, especially the children… most especially to the children who are most in need.

Is this for me ...

“Is this for me?”


Come and take a peek into that moment… SHARE MY JOY… and see what it means to be a singing, dancing, worshipping, praying GOGO DYNAMO!!!

Thank you, Zoe supporters for making our trip possible!!!