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ZFK Joins With Flames Church Home Visitation Ministry

ZFK Tissue Warning! 

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Our hearts are sooo pained, and we cry out to the Lord… we’ve lost at least 6 of our South African school children in the last 4 months.

In September late 2014, one of our single mothers lost two of her girls, Ipeleng age 10, and Tebogo age 7, when a drunk driver crashed into the taxi in which they were riding.  The gasoline tank exploded in a fiery crash, killing both girls and leaving her precious younger son severely burned.

Ipeleng and Tebogo

The ZoeForKids Team was honored to accompany members of the Flames Church Home Visitation Ministry to bring comfort and prayers of healing to this young family during the wake before the funeral.  Please pray with us that the great Comforter will wipe away all their tears and give them hope and joy in knowing that when Jesus comes, they will be reunited with their beautiful girls.

At the double funeral, the children of the school could not even sing… which is a rare occurrence.  When an African child cannot sing, it says volumes and volumes of the depth of hurt they are feeling.  Please pray for the comfort of these wee ones, who in addition to having tough lives of their own, are grieving and trying to understand the loss of their friends.

I invite you to join our home visit by watching this very personal and touching video… may our Father move you to pray for this family and the safety of all of our orphans.

Thank you for all your prayers….. we love u!