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Christmas 2014: Video Report to River of Life Church

Our Christmas trip to South Africa to deliver the Wildlife Bible StoryTellers, shoes, and the love of Jesus… was AMAZING!!! And YOU made it all possible!!!   We wish you all could have been with us to see the faces filled with delight, and witness the souls were saved!!!!  The next best thing is to share with you all the stories and pictures we collected.

I’m still repairing storm damage on my home, working to get back in the groove after “partying hardy” in South Africa, and I’m TRYING to make amends with my wee puppy who insists I was away tooooo long… BUT MY REPORTS ARE COMING!!!

Soooo, to whet your interest…  click on the picture below to view a video presentation given by ZoeForKid’s very own Patrick Taylor and his friend Kurt von Pessler to the River of Life Community Church.  We LOVE ROLCC… they are HUGE supporters of ZoeForKids… covering us in prayer, providing financial support,  and sharing the many talents of their dear saints for the glory of Jesus and the love of our kids.

ROL CC Building


Watch this video when you are relaxed, have about an hour,


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