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Critter Accounting: Wildlife StoryTeller Drive Update!


Well… we’ve put on our green eyeshades and toted up the donations for our Wildlife Bible Story Tellers and the answer is… we are fully funded for our wee orphans in Majakeneng… BUT we are still a mere 79 critters ($2,627) short of our Maboloka stretch goal to include our newly ‘adopted’ 163 orphans in Maboloka…. THIS IS AMAZING… BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS!

For Christmas 2014…

Each orphan in Majakeneng will be getting a Wildlife Story Teller … chock full of Bible stories in English and Tswana. The Majakeneng ‘herd’ of elephants, ‘ambush’ of tigers, and ‘sleuth’ of bears have assembled, embarked on their journey and are now cruising their way to waiting, loving arms in South Africa.

Each orphan in Maboloka will DEFINITELY be getting a pair of “Christmas Shoes” (i.e. custom purchased sneakers for each one of them!).  If donations continue to come in at this AMAZING RATEthese dear ones may ALSO get Wildlife Story Tellers too!

WE PROMISE to put on our eyeshades at the beginning of September and give you our final tally and let you know whether or not we’ve reached our Maboloka Goal!!! [Wasn’t that a song by Enya??]    Will there be another ‘herd’ of elephants, ‘ambush’ of tigers, and ‘sleuth’ of bears cruising to South Africa… STAY TUNED!!!

Our God and His servants… THAT WOULD BE YOU!… our faithful ZoeForKids supporters… continue to amaze me with your generosity, grace, and provision for our orphans.

Thank you all for allowing is to DREAM BIG!!!

PS. If you are lead to make a donation, please go to our donation tab: