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Should we give StoryTellers to our orphans in Maboloka too?


In March 2014, we decided to partner with MegaVoice to provide each of our 300 wee orphans in Majakeneng village with a stuffed toy that ‘tells Bible stories.’ Each toy has a solar powered audio device that will be loaded with 10+ hours of Bible Stories in their local language, Tswana, and also in English (so it will be a language skills teaching tool as well). We pray along with YOU, that these toys will give them comfort, while the stories will give them hope.

We began our donation drive in April, to fund the StoryTellers for our orphans of Majakeneng… and, by the grace of God and YOUR generosity, we are getting close to our targeted need.

THEN, this month… June 2014… we have decided to “adopt” another 160+ orphans in the nearby village of Maboloka.  Immediately, we began a drive to provide these dear ones with ‘Christmas Shoes’… custom purchased for their specific sizes and gender tastes.

HOWEVER, several ZoeForKids donors have asked if we would consider giving StoryTellers to this new group too. Sooo…. if God is behind this desire to donate shoes AND StoryTellers, we have to up our game!!!!

What do you think?  Should we do it?  Will you help bless the orphans of BOTH Majakeneng and Maboloka villages?

We think our big hearted donors are right (We know…YOU ALWAYS ARE!)… Think about it… what is the best Christmas gift we can give these dear little ones? Isn’t it… the certain knowledge of God’s love… the hope of salvation… and a little cuddle from a faithful and soft ‘pet’?

Thank YOU sooo much for your prayerful consideration of donating to these StoryTeller and Shoe drives. In any case, may our Father richly bless you and your family.

If God is leading you to make a quick donation now… it’s easy… go to the “Donate” link on the black bar at the top of this page… and you can choose to donate by credit card through Paypal (no Paypal account needed), OR donate through a PayPal account OR send a check.

ZoeForKids thanks YOU, and our orphans THANK YOU… Your generosity of heart is always AWESOME.  And like we always do, we will ‘invite’ you to enjoy our Christmas Parties through posted pictures (and maybe videos!) of our kids rejoicing with their snazzy sneakers and the Word of God spoken by their StoryTellers.