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UPDATES: Restarted Feeding, Kitchen Project, PJ Drive


This is a thank you from the school of Majakaneng where we fed 1500 children for the last 2 weeks of school when they had no food to feed the kids..   The kids would not have done well on their finals had their tummies not been full.

Emergency Food letter

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for your support.  Because YOU gave, we could.  Thank you!!!

Our kids are back in school now… summer vacation is over.   So now we are restarting their daily feeding program.



When I visit in March, I pray we can find a convenient, special place on which we can build a kitchen… with room for future expansion of services in the future, should God allow!  I can’t wait to check it all out!  Please, please keep us in your prayers as we seek God’s direction and provision for which services are most important to our wee ones.



The first sets of winter PJs are trickling in.  I would love to take the first shipment of warm PJ’s over during my March visit and then any remaining ones during my visit in May.  We will again celebrate with our precious ones, and distribute your PJs just prior to their COLD winter!

  • So, you early birds… please send your PJ donations to me by MARCH 1 and they will be hand carried to SA that same month!
  • And for the rest of us… final donations should be in my mailman’s hands no later than MAY 1 for my duffle bag caravan to SA.

ATTENTION ZOEFORKIDS SHOPPERS:  Be on the look out for end of winter sales going on NOW.  We still need all sizes (S M, L) for boys AND girls. (Remember South African seasons are the opposite of the northern  hemisphere… which allows us to bargain shop the seasonal racks just before our kids will be needing them.)

This past May, we warmed those little hearts with new and handmade blankets.  This year we want to wrap them in another layer of warmth… toasty PJ’s/ Long Underwear/ Sweatshirt and pant sets… whatever the Lord leads you to.

As most of us are in the northern hemisphere, we are grimacing over our heating bills, pulling our blankets a little more snuggly around our necks, and layer-layer-layering against the brutal cold… please use each of those events as a reminder to pray that our Father will provide for the little ones through their coming winter!!!

Thank you soooo much for your ongoing support, for your expressions of love, and for your faithfulness to our Zoe Kids… stay WARM!