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“Praise Jesus!”, as we move into 2014!




“Praise Jesus !”

As we Move into 2014 !


from Bruce Marchiano

  January 24, 2014    

157 Babies Taken by Abortion Every Single Hour

This is the headline of a LifeNews article (edited to remove graphic details) reads:

“This week our nation marks 41 years of legalized abortion. For most Americans, this anniversary is a day to mourn – a day to mourn the loss of tens of millions of unborn children – sons and daughters, brothers and sisters… Since that fateful day abortion was made legal in 1973 there have been an estimated 56,662,169 lives “taken,” each a tiny baby… If you run the math, the numbers are chilling: 1.382 million every year; 115,167 every month; 26,577 every week; 3,786 every day… 157 babies every hour; more than 2 every minute.”


This is why I’m prioritizing the film, Alison’s Choice

High on my list this year is the production of a new Encounter-type film wherein Jesus reveals Himself to a young woman having an abortion, trying to save her baby’s life. Words can’t describe this film’s importance as it will save many unborn lives. I can only humbly ask you to join me through your much-needed support. We are filming in the spring so that doesn’t give us much time. Please, I need you to join me with even a small donation. Lives will be saved. Thank you!



The NewJesusMovie inches forward

If you follow on Facebook you know that we are hard at work in Israel identifying shooting locations. It’s extremely difficult to shoot in Israel (which is why Jesus movies are almost always shot in Morocco), but to me it’s a matter of obedience. As we lock in these locations the budget is being re-written and so far it seems we’ll be able to shoot NJM for much less than we first thought. We praise Jesus!



South Africa brings us new opportunities and new challenges in 2014

I consider my outreach work to the villages of the NorthWest Province of SA to be non-negotiable. Several times a week I text Pastor Martin’s wife, Alcy, with the words, “I stand with you all the way.” But the challenges in any African setting are never-ending. Just this past week, one of the churches we built was broken into, sound equipment and more stolen. Alcy was in an auto accident that put her in the hospital, though she’s out now and doing fine.

Martin would always say to me, “Life, my brother, is all in how you meet the challenges.” And so we press forward with 1) three crusades in the planning; 2) we need to build a kitchen for the AIDS orphans; and 3) I have it in my head to purchase a bus for the churches since 60% of our budget goes to hiring buses for the people. So lots to do and we’re on our way!

Speaking of South Africa…

Do you remember that we fed a primary school of 1500 students for the month of December? I just received this letter from the principal, Eunice Mathasedi… “Thank you so much for the food during the time of need. We are without words. I am proud to tell you that the school was able to meet the standard of “pass percentage” with your help, for these learners cannot write final exams with empty stomachs. On behalf of the school governing body, the principal, staff and the 1540 orphans and vulnerable children that you feed, thank you…

All this… and the Gospel too. All this… because of you who give/pray. I thank God for you even as I hear the Lord’s whisper to you, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Well done, precious MarchMin friend. Well done. We press forward! Glory to Jesus!

Bruce Marchiano