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Winter PJ Collection Drive… Game On!!!

We are off and running on our Winter PJ Drive… we have 10 already and we just started!!!

We plan on gifting our little sweethearts in South Africa with winter pajama sets to keep them warm and snug.   Our PJ’s will arrive in SA in May, just when the weather is beginning to turn cold and Jack Frost starts nipping their wee noses.

Our target is to collect and distribute 350 PJ sets.  Flannel or fleece, night gown or PJ sets, one piece footies or union suits… or two piece sweatshirt/pant sets, insulated underwear… as long as they are warm, they will be treasured.

Here is our tally sheet showing how many PJ’s we need by gender and size (sorry it’s so fuzzy):

PJ Accounting 01192014b

As we enter the spring (hee hee) warm PJ’s are going to be quickly disappearing from the store shelves… so, GAME ON!!!

Thank you ALL for your loving support of our wee ones in South Africa!!  Let’s warm their little frames with toasty PJ’s and continue to warm their hearts with our love.  They sooo appreciate your gifts from the heart and your love.  I can see it in their eyes and their squeals of joy.   I SOOO APPRECIATE YOUR LOVE!!!

ZoeForKids donors are the most loving donors on the planet… the love of Jesus shines through you every day!!!!