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“Away in A Manger” and VERY “Near to the Heart of God”!

“On this eve of Christmas…. I am reflective of all that 2013 held for us, here in South Africa.  Although, in comparison to huge ministries it looks like something miniscule. But, I have grown to realize that numbers, facts, plans and goals don’t really give a hierarchy in the eyes of the little one who laid in a manger. In fact, you can say His ministry on this earth for ‘saving’ and ‘healing’ the lost was quite small. I don’t think numbers matter.

What really matters… is if your arms are open-wide to the day-to-day we can love. Are we loving with our arms open wide? Are we loving at the cost of ourselves? Are we touching the one’s that are closest to our grasp? Are we speaking words of encouragement to that downtrodden soul who cannot get up? Are we instilling another with hope? Do we look for those who are walking right beside us? Do we cradle the forsaken even if they are dirty? Are we doing the best we can do—where we are?

This past Christmas in our orphan care in South Africa I came to realize we can reach numbers but are we really ‘touching’ them? When one little boy (about 4 years old) journeyed by bus ALONE, to our orphan party…then to the crusade each night and then again to church all day on Sunday—he, sought me out. He only wanted to sit on my lap. As the evenings got late and the Sunday day was long, he would sleep cradled in my arms. He wore the T-shirt that was painted by one of you dear supporters–it said, “Away in the Manger” with a picture of the stable…

I was brought to tears as he ventured out on his own, ALONE .. for every event.  No one told him to come. He came. I couldn’t understand every word he spoke to me and he couldn’t understand every word I spoke to him. But, I can say… he touched me deeply. We would dance together, sing together and then he would sleep in my arms.

I don’t know his story. I don’t know what he has to face at home. But this one thing I do know.. I loved him as my own. He would eat plate after plate of food… flip thru the pages of the books I gave him and then just smile up at me. It did me in.

The part where he slept in my arms… put me over the edge of love.

I can’t tell you how loving one little precious soul can change your life forever, but it did. I thought of ‘Away in the Manger” … no crib for a bed. Here he was. “Away in the Manger”…. no pillow for his little head. No home for his own.. He traveled the distance of wise men to rest in acceptance and sleep in our love.

Yes, my little “Away in the Manger” … touched my heart deeply. It solidified the fact that we need to have our arms open wide not only for the millions…but, for the one right in front.”

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Please, please, please… pray for this dear one’s  safety.  Also, because he is sooo drawn to God’s people and God’s Word, it seems he has a special place… “Near to the Heart of God”.  Please pray that the Lord will raise up this young boy to be a mighty witness for His Great Name!… Glory to Jesus!