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Dec 19 2013 BM0

Praise to Jesus!

I returned from South Africa last week, and not only did I hit the ground running with all our other projects, but amazement at all God did in SA continues to send me to my knees.  Glory to Jesus!

 The Crusade Services

Dec 19 2013 BM1

The atmosphere of the entire crusade was joyousness in coming to Jesus.  The groundwork laid in breathtaking worship, all I had to do was share Jesus then “stand back and be utterly amazed.”  In fact, in our first service the buses came so late, we didn’t begin until after 10.  So my message was maybe 15 minutes max.  I called the people to Jesus and they literally streamed forward, meeting Him in salvation, redemption, healing…  It was simply amazing to watch Him do what only He can do – praise Jesus!

A New Church Dedicated: Lethabong Village

Dec 19 2013 BM2

It was maybe 7 years ago that the people of a village named Lethabong came to us asking for a church.  We began building that church as funds and volunteer man-power permitted, and I am beyond humbled to tell you… the church opened its doors this past Sunday as we dedicated it December 7.  Thank you, for every brick laid was paid for by your giving. Glory to Jesus!

The Orphans

Dec 19 2013 BM3 Dec 2013 Christmas34c

One of our rapidly growing outreaches is to AIDS orphans in SA.  Right now we feed about 300/day.

In October, Sharon and Sally worked with them for an entire week, bringing the Gospel, giving them Bibles, etc.  During the crusade, we held a Christmas party for them, providing a feast, new clothes, and more of Jesus.  And as we seek the Lord, He’s given us exciting new ideas to serve these kids even better in 2014. [ZoeNote: Please pray that we are given God’s wisdom and have His blessing in all that we seek to do!!]

Evidence of Effectiveness

It’s one of the most exciting things I’ve witnessed.  I apologize that I don’t have a photo of him but in every crusade service there was this little boy, maybe 4 to 6, obviously very poor.

[ZoeNote: we found pictures of him, below!]

Dec 2013 Christmas41 Dec 2013 Christmas44

He came from a far village, getting on the bus… by himself, riding it back every night and then walking to his shack, probably getting in after midnight – all by himself.  I didn’t recognize him right away, but he was one of our orphans.

In other words, this little boy’s life has been so deeply touched by God that he’s going through all this – the Gospel having been presented to him through God’s Word and through loving care, primarily via Sally and Sharon, through whom he has so obviously realized the love that Jesus has for him… [ZoeNote: please pray for this little one… we suspect God is calling him and drawing him for a ‘special purpose’]

You’ll hear more about this little treasure of a boy, but all to say to you who have prayed and given support, “Behold the fruit of your sacrifice.”  Glory to Jesus!

Alison’s Choice & the NewJesusMovie

All while in SA I was receiving photos from the NJM [NewJesusMovie] location scout in Israel.  We’re now busy matching scenes with locations as we take steps toward production.  Meanwhile, as you can see from the tally on word is spreading and God’s children are giving – the key to this film and also NJM as we strive to produce them free of commercial influence.  I hope you don’t me being bold as I ask you to “not grow weary” in doing your part to advance these projects.  Unborn lives will be saved through Alison’s Choice!  Salvations will flow through NJM!  What would the Lord have you do?  Glory to Jesus!

We Break for Christmas

With all this going on, I don’t get a break – but I trust you will.  “Tis’ the season”… to draw close to Jesus and to the family and friends He’s given us; to quiet the soul and thank God for all He’s done.

He loves you, precious one… just like He loves that little boy who came to the services and all those precious Africans who were born again in the crusade… just like He loves all those babies in the wombs of moms who don’t want them… just like He loves the throngs for whom we labor that they may know Jesus.

He loves you, precious one.  He loves you.  Have a wonderful Christmas!  Glory to Jesus!

Bruce Marchiano