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Marchiano Ministries FREE Christmas Card for you to print…

If you want to share your love for Marchiano Ministries with others this Christmas…. the link below will take you to another FREE Christmas Card for you to print.  This one features a picture of Bruce Marchiano playing the role of Jesus in the MATTHEW movie.  This great picture has the message… Jesus Lives Forever…. praise God for the truth of that message!!! 

WARNING, WARNING!!!:  Let not your heart be troubled when you see some of the text is upside down… that is all part of the miracle of folded card making

CLICK ME… HERE>>>  FREE Marchiano Ministries Christmas Card for you!

The above PDF document contains two pages that are intended to print on the front and back of the same sheet of paper and folded in the middle:

  • IF you can figure out how to make your printer do two-sided printing (‘duplex printing’ for you Techies!), then print both pages on the same sheet, fold it in the middle, sign it… and be very proud of your skills.
  • IF you are more like me, and can’t figure out how to print front and back… you can just print out Page 1, fold it in half, and write your own message inside… and pretend it was always supposed to be that way… easily printed and highly personalized!!!  Then be very proud of your ability to turn obstacles into opportunities!

Enjoy sharing the love with your friends and family!!!