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December 2013: Pre Christmas Zoe News

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And…we are off to have some Christmas joy!  Christmas joy mixed with giggles and whispers, I am sure.  Once again, we will be gathering this Friday for a big Christmas feast and party!  Our orphans (approx. 300) will gather under the Flames Christian Church in Elandstrand which is a big white tent and in this place they will be blessed because YOU blessed them!

 It will be an afternoon filled with the Christmas Story and a presentation by the Flames Youth group.  The children will be fed a big feast made by our Flames supporters (mostly, go-go’s) and completed with gifts sent by you!  Each child will receive a beautiful NEW outfit; decked out with a toy and our girls will receive a new purse!  We also have received enough reusable bags so that each child can carry their gifts home safely and not worry about getting them taken!  So above all I want to thank you for the great response in giving to these children in need!

Our October event was so successful  that many of these kids  are now  familiar faces to the Flames Christian Family!  This is the vision Pastor Martin had.  He had fathered these vulnerable kids when no one was  watching.  I am sure today, he is smiling as he sees the fruit of what he started!  I am smiling!

We have the last of the gifts to get through customs on Thursday so if you could pray us through the line, I would so appreciate it!  I could hug you for it, too!  Thank you!!

[UPDATE 12/6: Sally and all her gifts made it through customs by the grace of God through your prayers… and an angel sent to distract the initially inquisitive customs agent… Praise God for His mercies!]

This year as well, we decided to bless the youth of Flames Christian Church.  We will be gifting them with the same bibles we gave out to our orphans in October!  This is very exciting and a blessing especially for the Sunday School teachers who voiced the need to us in October!

Can I say a few more things?  With the resources we had in our ‘kiddie savings’ we were also able to fill the emergency need of food for 1500 hungry school children who were out of food for the last two weeks of their school term!  Without the financial reserves we could have never thought about doing it!  For such a time as this, you were there.  I think God knows what He is doing as He is preparing the way for us to be a blessing to Majakaneng Village and soon, as we envision-we will be able to assist the vulnerable little ones even more!

Sitting back in my chair I am in awe of all the little and big supporters we do have for these children. Many of you have picked up the baton and are running alongside us.  It is not just one, but many of you, who have quietly given; quietly served and quietly prayed to make this a composite ministry. Not a ministry of one or two-but a composite of many.  Not one can boast in the credit-and all can join in the success!

I don’t know how many times I have called on so-and-so and they did a job for me.  I can’t tell you how many times I have asked and resources were given.  I for sure, can’t tell you how many times I have asked for prayer and the heavens were flooded.   Thank you.  Thank you!!!  Not one has asked to be recognized, not one.  When I see.. ..zoeforkids, I see each of your faces.  But most of all, I see the hand of God who has moved the hearts of His children to meet the needs of Majakaneng.  One day we will all be together drinking coffee in heaven and we will be smiling as we see these precious little children rolling around in the lush green grass-laughing and loving the feeling of every need met!

Speaking of quiet ones     …..    PLEASE!  Check out our newly revised website:

I have found someone beyond faithful to take it over and it is now constantly updated and you can follow the history in pictures and catch up on the latest news!  Betty Lynn has been a long time supporter and took it upon herself to learn all about constructing websites and has gone at a break-neck speed in getting it up-to-date!  Patrick Taylor inundated her with past pictures and she organized them beautifully!  I can’t tell you what a relief this was for me as I would direct people to the website in the past and warned them it was not up-to-date.  But, today……  I can proudly say, it is UP TO DATE!  Thank you, Betty.  You are one of the ‘quiet’ ones who have been working hard for these kiddies for so long!  I could write pages on all of our quiet ones from faithful monthly supporters to spontaneous givers.   Thank you!!!


When Jesus Christ came to us at Christmas thousands of years ago—He came down to us in such humility.

He took His place in a bed covered with animal saliva and half-eaten hay.  The smells surrounding his arrival were pungent.  It wasn’t at all how people dreamed a King would come.  And yet, in this profound humility a King was born. With just one touch He took a smelly cow trough and made it Holy.

Today, we see icons of His birth place decorated; gold plated; and lifted up all over the world as evidence of His Holiness.    That meagerness became Holy, simply because He touched it.

Isn’t that what He is doing today?  He takes our humblest beginnings; our meagerness and smallest of offerings–touches them and creates His Holiness…

Yes, that is what He has done and is doing today with every one of us.

Thank you for this beautiful year 2013.  Thank you for believing that a difference can be made for the vulnerable children of Majakaneng.  It is a place of very simple beginnings but with one touch-He has made it Holy.

….Touched by a King……

I love you,

 Sally Herman