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That mother whose heart is bound to her child’s – doesn’t compare to how your Father’s heart is bound to you. {Isa 49:15}

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May 2nd we made it through South Africa Customs without any question! Just imagine for a moment, if you will…   Imagine one rather small (but I do have muscles!) blonde girl unloading (12)-50lb duffels off the baggage ramp: all filled with blankets, scarves and hats! Now imagine me, loading them on three very small rolling carts. … The weight and height was way over the top of me.

And, no one had yet showed up to help me.

Father I know you have a plan. I know you love these precious children more than me. I also know I am very imperfect; fall short so many times; but please don’t count that against blessing these precious little ones. I know I don’t deserve such mercy and a free ride; but they do. Please… show up and show me how to get out of here unharmed and all these giftss untouched by greedy hands. Thank you, Jesus.”


I know, that little prayer sounds a bit odd. But, when you’re in a crisis mode-you know the only thing that can hinder God’s power is maybe something not right in yourself. So, you repent of everything you can think of really fast and hope…. (smile) and pray.

Of course, during my dialogue with God I saw a young boy watching me curiously. He had a Custom vest on. Should I? I was standing alone in the entire area. He was ready to get off shift. I went up to him and did it. I explained about ‘our’ children–so in need. I told him I was in need of some help to get out of the baggage claim area. ……

Of Course God Did It!

Mercy! He took off his Custom vest and helped me push my carts past Customs and out to meet our Pastor Alcy and Pastor Bruce. ……   “Thank you, Father….. Thanks for Your Love and Compassion that holds no limit even when You are forced to work with cracked vessels!”

Our Weekend Started on Friday

Here we started our morning with meetings with the principal and teachers of Majakaneng School.   It is through this precious relationship that we work with the 300 orphans. Eunice the principal updated us on the feeding program. We heard success story after another! Not only are we able to feed the extra 300 orphan– daily but the hot meal (Tender Mercies from Midwest Food Bank) feeds the other children living in each of their homes—because, they take the extra left over hot food home with them. None is ever wasted!

May 2013 pic2

See these two?

One small story….   These two were coming to school and eating ravenously for over two months. Finally, it was noted by their teachers that these siblings were not being washed; their uniforms were dirty and shoes were in need of great repair. Since it is pretty much culture driven to keep quiet-the teachers sat them both down and begged them to speak about things going on at home. With much reluctance they proceeded to spill out the details. Their mother had run off with their government ID’s and papers. They were alone. Without papers there was no money to help feed and clothe them. They found their grandmother but their grandmother did not have the finances to support them—however, she did the best she could.   I tell you, tears… Tears. ……..

Their mother may have abandoned them and took from them; but God didn’t. God showed up in their time of need.


May 2013 pic3

Mama Fatima

Here, we have Mama Fatima! We met with her on Friday, also. She is a member of the Flames Church and lovely gifted woman of God who has been heading up the cooking for our 300! She is amazing! We love her! It was quite a surprise to Eunice and the rest of us when Mama Fatima told us that the two kids she cared for at her home were not her own—but were orphans from the school! We fell back in shock!   We have our key Mama! She has a heart for orphans because her parents were not there for her when she was young. Her passion has her growing peanuts, vegetables and cooking food for our kids—everyday. She showed us her shack by the school.   She showed us how she made peanut butter and how she roasted peanuts to give to the kids and sell for an income! She is a one amazing gift to our children!

Again…monthly support from YOU keeps her alive in her work for HIM!


Saturday could not come fast enough! We gathered the Flames Church youth and gogo’s and set up our event! You see, the Flames Church also made 200 blankets alongside us for our kids; some are orphans of the church themselves… not some, but I should say most are.

Can you imagine—orphans making blankets for orphans?

We had an outpouring of blessings and God’s nearness as the 350 little ones walked into our tent church of Elandstrand…   There was something different about this group. They were different than when we gathered at Christmas…….. (I will touch on this in a moment)!

Of course once again Byron our lovely Cheetah came to our party! Many did not get to pet him the last time so we had him come and bless our kids, again! He is a perfect gentleman and the kids are in such awe of him! (ok, me too!)

May 2013 pic4

Then.. we had the Flames Youth present a program of dance, love, worship and fun! IT was fantastic! The orphans were smiling ear-to-ear; clapping and laughing! I tell you, I was placed on another level of joy! I can’t tell you or even explain it! I felt God wrapping His big Arms around our little tent and pulling us in– tight into His bosom! I did not want to leave-ever!

After this program our kids got to have another meal-just like at Christmas. Food was piled high on plates that consisted of chunks of good meat, vegetables and pap  Set up for Kings and Queens! But, at this point here it was ‘different’.

Bruce and I both noticed it. There was not that desperate look when the food came out. The children ate, talked and looked around while eating. It wasn’t like in December where total concentration was on eating; putting food as quickly as they could into their growling tummies. They were having fun eating and their eyes were bright!! They were enjoying us and each other while eating. In other words eating wasn’t that BIG of a deal!


Our Father continues to be bound to our kids! He is filling them in the places where there is the greatest void! Is 49:15

After everyone was full they lined up to receive a gift of warmth from You! Even if you personally did not make a blanket -the resources given bought material for others to make warm blankets! We had blankets for every child along with scarves, hats and gloves! We got them set for their winter! They even got special notes of love from you!

May 2013 pic5

I wish you could have seen their eyes! They were so excited to receive such beautiful and warm blankets! They lit up with all the bright colors and child prints! They wrapped themselves in them!

May 2013 pic6

If you want to see the total event in pictures here is a link:

I promise you will look at these pictures and a smile will slowly spread across your face!

What can I say? The weekend was filled with God spilling out His Amazing Love in so many different and big ways! Lives were touched! Important connections were made to take our care of these precious orphans to another level! God is putting out the plan before us-we simply are walking through each open door! That is really how it works!

So many times, yes…me.  I want to run ahead and do this/do that… There are just so many needs! But, that is not how God works. He doesn’t ever want to overwhelm us with a list of to-do’s. No.   He quietly lays out the next step; when done, He opens the next step…

We just have to be faithful in the finishing of the next best thing-one step at a time.

HE LEADS—we follow!

If I thanked you from now until He comes back-that would not be enough to fully express my gratitude for your faithfulness. I am so humbled as I see God fully binding His heart to us through you!  Is 49:15.

I love you, my family. I love you so much-Sally Herman (did I say thank you?)

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